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Shoulder Impingement Disease Print

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome (impingement Disease)


Shoulder joint and bone structures; scapula, humerus and collar bone called the humerus. Arm bone, tendons of four muscles called the rotator cuff collar bone structure of the bonds. These muscles: supraspinatus, infrasupinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis muscles. With sticks and contractions of the rotator cuff tendons to bone and shoulder rotation movement of the arm is lifted. That make up the structure of the roof called the acromion and the clavicle in the rotator cuff of the shoulder bursitis sac-shaped structure is called. Bursitis, taking place between the two structures together acromion and the rotator cuff prevents rubbing and wear.

What causes Shoulder Impingement Syndrome?

Shoulder impingement syndrome is observed as a result of narrowing of the distance between the rotator cuff and bone structure. Arms raised up in the long-term work, repetitive movements of the launch, as a result of long-term shoulder rotation operations, muscle edema or swelling from bursitis narrow. Again, some people make the roof of the shoulder is different from the shape of the acromion may be slightly narrower because of the distance. Together with the ends of bones and joints, as well as calcium deposits from a boneless protrusions causes contraction.

What can be found in shoulder Impingement Syndrome ?

Shoulder impingement syndrome; arm removal activities such as back pain is taken. For example, to get something back of the car seat orientation, extraction-of-pocket wallet back pain is caused by such movements. Nevertheless, patients complain of painful shoulder .

How to diagnose Shoulder Impingement Syndrome?

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome diagnosis, physical examination are laid. However, the treatment of pathologies associated with compression level and you need to evaluate the MR examination may be needed.

What is the treatment Shoulder Impingement Syndrome?

Antiemflamatuar nonsteroidal medications and exercise in the early stages of treatment is sufficient. Physical therapy in patients with mid-level is needed. In the late stage surgical treatment.

Which treatment is the surgical procedure?

Physical examination who cant lift their arm, patients do not respond to treatment with medication and exercise, and MRI in patients with rotator cuff tear and / or cuff surgery in patients with bony projections are rubbing.

How is the treatment carried out surgery?

A rate of over 90% of the patients treated today with arthroscopic surgery performed. Shoulder arthroscopy with the help of the 1 cm hole surgery is 3-4. Arthroscopic surgery, bony prominences shaving, if you have planted rotator cuff tears and arthritis acromyoclavicular joint between the collarbone and shoulder blade, truncated removal operations are performed in patients with end of the collarbone.

How many days you need to stay after the Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery?

Patients remain in hospital almost all only 1 day.

Physical Therapy After Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery Is Necessary?

With arthroscopic shoulder surgery in all patients, and the starting time of the surgery, which vary depending on the applied physical therapy program.


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