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Which fractures of hip fractures is considered to be? Print

Which fractures of hip fractures is considered to be?

Hip, a joint nest-top shape. Ball-shaped head of the femur is the thigh bone, and its extension combines the femoral neck and neck at the bottom of some fractures, hip fractures, which are called trochanteric region.


What type of trauma hip fractures occur?

Hip fractures are more frequently observed in the elderly and in patients with osteoporotic bone structure. In general, falls in the home, a broken leg by inserting the most important cause of loss of balance. Hip fractures are 3-4 times more common in women than men. Young patients with hip fractures in the accident, falls from heights, such as occurs with high-energy trauma.

What are the signs of hip fractures?

Patients with hip fractures, falls, and as a result is severe pain in the groin and If they tried to walk to even express is very painful. Examination of patients with hip fracture, fracture shortening of the leg, foot, trying to move outward and hip pain is stopped.

How to diagnose hip fracture sets?

Diagnosis of hip fracture, physical examination, x-ray examinations are sufficient in many cases.

What are the dangers of hip fractures?

Other diseases in elderly patients with hip broke the accompanying deterioration of the balance will be added to the patient's metabolic. In patients undergoing hip fracture bed is not done because of the time of standing up on the bed which is difficult to treat pressure sores can occur in different parts of the body. Stasis caused by blockages in the veins of the leg to sleep again (deep vein thrombosis) can be seen. However, organs such as the lung, and brain clots of hip fracture hastarda take embolism situation leads to life-threatening problems.

Hip fractures are the treatment?

There are mainly two methods of surgical treatment of hip fractures: 1 - Hip fracture is found with nails, 2 - with hip replacement therapy (partial or complete dentures). In young patients, bone quality is relatively good, very good moving vigorous pre-operative fracture in elderly patients with hip fracture is the determination of the nail. Bone quality is quite low in patients with advanced age, Parkinson's disease, neurological disease such as epilepsy, dementia, patients with hip fractures occurred in patients treated with tumor metastasis prosthetic application selection. In both groups of patients standig up early is early weight bearing prosthesis. Patients with blood-thinning drugs are used to prevent the formation of clots after surgery.

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