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What is total hip replacement?

Total hip replacement, nested passed ball and a metal handle with metal and plastic socket hip joint prosthesis comprising part.


When is total hip replacement surgery done?

Total hip replacement surgery due to pain and limitation of motion of the hip joint is preferred in cases where the function deterioration. Koksartrozda hip joint arthritis is often called.


Total hip replacement, joint alignment of the femoral head avascular necrosis and impaired bone of femoral neck fractures in elderly may apply.


How is the total hip surgery done?

Total hip replacement surgery, general or spinal / epidural anesthesia and a surgical procedure. Portion of total hip replacement surgery of the joint cartilage and bone are removed and replaced worn total hip replacement sets.


Is total hip replacement surgery succesfull?

Total hip replacement surgery is one of the duly made the most successful oropedik surgery. Total hip replacement is also the United States and our country is one of the most commonly performed orthopedic surgery.

What is the average lifetime of total hip arthroplasty?

Total hip prosthesis is indicated in which life nowadays 25-30 years. Total hip replacement surgery is a painless hip joint goal is to provide the patient of 10-20 years.

What are the risks of Total hip replacement surgery?

The most common cause of total hip replacement surgery, orthopedic surgery, and is one of the most successful results. However, successful results can be obtained in the event of the present helps to be aware of the risks.

The possible risks related to the first-anesthesia, anesthesia doctor detailed information on this issue before surgery.

The development of second-clot in leg veins, characterized by swelling and pain in the leg. To prevent this, your doctor may want to use drugs blood thinners for a while after the surgery.

The lungs to other parts of the body such as 3-going development of these clots blocking arteries there may not quite serious problems. The most important finding of pulmonary artery obstruction shortness of breath, chest pinhead-sized red rash and pain. Emergency management and diagnosis and successful results.

4, infection of total hip replacement surgery. In this case, place of surgery, swelling, warmth and redness appears. Your doctor may recommend medications as well as surgical treatment required.

Total hip arthroplasty at 5-slot relaxation or metal handle. Onset of pain is seen as the way everything is OK, the pain is often activity. Doctor may suggest additional tests and surgery if necessary.

6 - Hip dislocation. Do not propose to hedge this risk by the doctor in position and movement when movement is extremely important to avoid. In the event of a possible dislocation after total hip arthroplasty prosthesis with general anesthesia are often placed back in place.



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