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Hip Impingement (Femoroacetabular Impingement) Print


Hip impingement syndrome (Hip Impingement Disease)

Hip Impingement Syndrome (JAM HIP DISEASE)

Hip impingement (impingement) disease of the hip joint during movement of the socket called the acetabulum and the femoral neck and the labrum contact with each other by compression of the soft tissue between the disease. Hip impingement syndrome, is seen in two ways: first-CAM-type, 2-pincer type. CAM type, at the junction of the head and the femoral neck bone spurs are structurally. Pincer-type acetabular socket of the thatch area has increased. In both cases also causes compression hip. Sometimes the type of CAM, both pincer-type hip impingement syndrome can be seen in the hip joint.


What are the signs of hip impingement disease?

Hip impingement early stage disease seen in some extreme hip extension strain and pain. If the patient continues to go to the event, depending on the acetabular hip impingement labrumda disease develops over time, degeneration and tears. In this case, due to rupture of the acetabular labrum pain starts. In untreated patients, and decreased tear on the cartilage damage and arthritis in the hip joint range of motion develops. The pain becomes constant.

How to put the diagnosis of hip impingement disease?

Hip impingement disease, the diagnosis is put on the patient's symptoms and physical examination. Radiographs of the hip joint impingement disease; CAM type, determine which type of pincer-type or a combination of both is given. The pain is severe, a deadlock in the MRI study performed in patients with a labral tear or cartilage lesion see if there is additional.


How the treatment of hip impingement?

Hip impingement early disease, hip circumference Adeleye, strengthening is antiemflamatuvar drug use and activity modification. These measures follow the complaints are skilled in orthopedic patients decreased in patients with hip impingement disease. Despite this treatment for patients who have pain in the hip joint, surgical treatment. 3-4 hole in the hip joint arthroscopy surgical treatment of special tools for the assessment and treatment of lesions of entering the labrum and cartilage is torn. Then the CAM-type hip impingement, arthroscopic disease in the femoral neck and head junction is reduced to a bony prominence, truncated normal. Pincer-type hip hip jam caused by handshake or a bony protrusion at the tip of the acetabulum shaved. During hip arthroscopy, severe arthritis (osteoarthritis), and in patients with total hip replacement is only recommended intra-articular debridement.

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