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Trochanteric bursitis, called the greater trochanter bony prominence on the outside of the hip and his slip of the tendons passing through the fluid-filled pouch delivering. Imflamation sac that grows with the fact that for any reason, and also leads to pain in this situation is called trochanteric bursitis.


What is the function of the greater trochanter?

The hip joint, the femoral head and acetabular socket portion of the ball is a joint global structure. This is due to the structure of one of the most moving joints. Greater trochanter, femur and femoral neck junction in the body of a bony protrusion. The importance of hip rotation, abduction and extension movements such as sticking a large part of a muscle destination. Contraction of the hip joint with adhesive gene failure in moving the trochanter major changes. This is the movement of the friction between the tendon and the displacements on.

Trochanteric bursitis is caused by?

This is a very lively area of ​​repetitive trauma, repetitive friction-style, direct injuries that falls, bumps and traumas such as road traffic accidents and edema of the trochanteric bursitis of imflamation. This is also seen in the table causes trochanteric bursitis.

What findings can be seen in Trochanteric Bursitte?

Statement of trochanteric bursitis, trochanteric bone spurs in the beginning of pain complaints seen limping gait. Pain on the outside of the thigh and later all widely felt. In the following years, the pain is at rest.

How to put the diagnosis of trochanteric bursitis?

Diagnosis, the patient's symptoms and physical examination are diagnosed with trochanteric bursitte. Orthopaedic Specialist In some cases, ultrasound and / or MRI may confirm the diagnosis.

How the treatment of trochanteric bursitis?

In the treatment of trochanteric bursitis, and the rest is primarily recommended to reduce activities that can cause bursitis statement. In addition, antiemflamatuar drugs, shows a reduction in complaints with stretching and strengthening exercises.

Bursitte surgical treatment of trochanteric is applied?

In many cases, trochanteric bursitis long-standing need for surgical treatment in case of complaints, and thickening of the walls of the trochanteric bursitis release and removal of bursitis is treated with arthroscopic surgery.

How is thr non-surgical treatment of trochanteric bursitis done?

Trochanteric bursitis sac orthopedist persistent pain states can inject the drug into. Also in recent years, cases of persistent trochanteric bursitis reported successful results with ESWT.

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