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The ankle pain is secondary to trauma can be seen by direct trauma or indirect trauma like ankle twist. Ankle trauma may cause fractures, dislocations, ankle ligament and cartilage injuries. Following an ankle trauma, if you have sudden swelling and intense pain, unable to bear weight on that ankle beyond 2 days form injury, have persistent ankle pain over 2 weeks, you need to see an experienced orhopedic surgeon.

Ankle pain can also be seen without any trauma. Some of the non traumatic factors causing the ankle pain are infection, cartialge problems (chondromalasia, osteochondritis Dissecans, etc), Bone and soft tissue tumors, rhematoid diseases, Gout disease.

Foot Pain

Foot pain may be localized in heel, sole, dorsum of foot, metatarsals and toes. Plantar fasiitis is the most common reason of the heel and plantar pains. Plantar fascitis occurs with shorthening and inflammation of the fascia covering plantar intrinsic muscles of sole. Heel pain may also bi seen in the entrapment of the nerve innervating plantar muscles, hell bone cracks, heel bone spurs.

Pain in the dorsum of the foot can be secondary to osteoarthritis of the midfoot joints, tenosynovitis, and tendon tears.

Forefoot pain is common in Hallux valgus, Hallux Rigidus, Morton Neuroma and stress fractures of metattarsal bones.

One should be evaluated in case of sudden severe pain or cronic pain lasting mre than a feww weeks.

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