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Ankle Sprains and Sport Injuries Print

Sports Injuries and Sprains Ankle

Ankle sprains is the most common sports injuries seen in sportive people. This type of injury can be seen in the football, jogging and sports activities such as basketball, during and after walking on uneven surfaces,  and the other ankle twists.

  • In the diagnosis of the ankle sprains; patients mechanism of injury, swollen areas,and range of motion should be noted during examination.In some cases, physician may need radiographic and MRI evaluation.

Ankle injuries can be classified as ligament injuries, cartilage injuries, bone injuries and tendon injuries.

Symptomatic pain and swelling in the anterolateral part of ankle may suggest anterior talofibular ligament injury which is seen in 90% of all ankle sprains.

This ligament injury of the ankle sprain happens with  plantar flexion and inward rotation force.

Ligament injuries can be divided into three main groups:

  1. stretching of the ligament.
  2. the ligament is partially torn.
  3. full rupture and tear seen in the ligament.     Also, damage to the cartilage and bone can be accompanied.

The first treatment approach to all ligament injuries can be as following:

  • Rest
  • Ice
  • Compression (i.e. with an elastic bandage, brace, etc)
  • Elevation

Despite this initial treatment, some patients may not recover quickly.

  • Patients with extreme pain in the foot, swelling and bruising,
  • patients still unable to weight bear after two days of injury
  • patient with persisting pain in the following 2-3 weeks should be seen by an orthopedic surgeon.

After a detailed physical examination, often times, MRI study is necessary in these patients. The appropriate treatment is planned according to the degree of ligament injury, and existence of accompanied cartilage injuries, bone fractures, tendon and muscle injuries.

As a general rule, in young  active and sportive persons under the age of 30 years, Group 3 ligament injuries, cartilage lesions, recurrent sprains often require surgical treatment.

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