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Wrist arthroscopy is a mini-invazive surgical procedure performed through 3-4 portals made around wrist. The scope and surgical tools used in wrist arthroscopy are special and smaller than the ones used in knee or shoulder. A mini-camera attached to the scope helps to visualize within the wrist joint.

Wrist arthroscopy is indicated in the patients with chronic wrist pain, wrist cartilage problems, wrist triangular fibrocartilage injuries, ganglions and many other wrist joint problems.

The triangular fibrocartilage injuries may occur following a severe wrist strain or falls on wrist. The triangular fibrocartilage is an important support and stabity structure of wrist joint like menisci in knee joint. Tears of triangular fibrocartlage is suspected with patients complaints and physical exam an usually confirmed with MR. Best results can be obtained in incomplete and small tears with arthroscopic joint debridement of wrist. If the tear big and complete or avulsed from the bone, it is reattached to the bone with small anchors during the arthroscopic surgery.

The stalks of the ganglions originating from the wrist can be visualized and excised with wrist arthroscopy.

Any loose bony or cartilaginous bodies within the joint following a wrist articular fracture can easily be extracted with wrist arthroscopy during the fracture treatment. Also, joint surface reduction can be checked smiltaneously with wrist arthroscopy at the time of fracture reduction surgery.

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